San Joaquin Valley Regional Industry Cluster Action Plan

In October of 2011, the Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED), California State University engaged ADE to prepare the San Joaquin Valley Industry Cluster Analysis and Action Plan for the eight-county regional economy. The project was conducted on behalf of the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley, an unprecedented public-private sector partnership between the Valley and the State of California. OCED serves as the Secretariat for the Partnership. It is intended to be the Valley’s cluster-based economic strategy and implementation plan.

The analysis was the first update of the Partnership’s initial strategy - Strategic Action Proposal (SAP) developed in 2006 – “The San Joaquin Valley: California’s 21st Century Opportunity” – which identified five key regional clusters of opportunity for focused action. The SAP resulted in the creation of the New Valley initiative to implement the Partnerships’ work plan through ten Work Groups.

ADE analyzed the Valley’s major economic sectors and validated that the five original New Valley clusters continue to be the shared priorities across the region. Working with a diverse network of regional partners, stakeholders and agencies, including the New Valley Work Group, and building existing initiatives and models, ADE expanded upon components of the five original clusters to encompass more broadly the Agriculture, Energy, Health and Wellness, Logistics, and Manufacturing clusters, and added the Water Technology and Public Sector Infrastructure clusters.

ADE’s analysis addresses regional cluster business and employment dynamics, providing trend data on how the clusters fared through the recession, and areas of strength where the clusters showed resilience during the recession and have comparative advantage, especially in emerging markets. It identifies ways for cluster leaders to better capture value chain market opportunities, particularly through strengthening buyer/supplier networks within and across the Valley to address “leakages” related to purchase of supplies and services from outside the Valley. 

The report addresses areas of opportunity that can be leveraged best at the regional level that represent important economic development, business and job creation potential for communities throughout the Valley. The Cluster Action Plan, developed through consultation with partners, employers, stakeholders, Partnership Board members and regional, state and federal agencies, provides the platform for the evolution of the clusters and the organization of the New Valley Work Groups for implementation. This includes OCED’s strong regional network of partners such as the California Central Valley EDC, the Central California Workforce Collaborative, the Central California Region Consortium, the Central California Community Colleges Committed to Change (C6), the San Joaquin Valley Regional Policy Council, and many others. 

The Action Plan also addresses the role of the Partnership to elevate and support local and regional efforts, especially for valley-wide issues that are not being address in other forums to drive the growth and vitality of the clusters. The Analysis and Action Plan were presented to the Partnership at its Board meeting in September, 2012. ADE is assisting OCED with next steps, including partner collaboration on recommended implementation activities and initiatives.

Link to San Joaquin Valley Regional Industry Cluster Action Plan